GREGORY SHELLER, international marketing specialist, is well known and respected in the real estate community for his outstanding work in many of Sarasota 's landmark developments. 

His 48 years of experience in both residential and commercial real estate has given him a solid background in every area of buying and selling property. A multi-dimensional realtor, his credentials include a comprehensive knowledge of construction, expertise in the field of mortgage financing and a fine-tuned understanding of the Florida marketplace. 

This combination of talents, which also includes the negotiating skills needed in today's complex market, led to a testimonial recently by a satisfied client who named Greg "a man for all real estate reasons." 

Greg believes that each property, like each client he represents, has distinct characteristics. His ability to develop a customized marketing plan for each home is a decided asset for his clients. There is no one-size-fits-all program in his approach to real estate. Greg's professional opinion is that individual strategies and individual client services are key elements of every transaction. 

Greg is in the top echelon of his profession. His resume is much more than a career profile; it is a blueprint for clients who want and demand the highest quality representation. People who expect a caliber of service far beyond the ordinary. 

In addition to his real estate work in Sarasota , Greg has successfully marketed and advertised properties in Ft. Lauderdale , West Palm Beach , Boca Raton and other prestigious Florida communities. 

He most recently expanded his worldwide reach by serving as President and CEO of Eurostructures International Ltd., a Romanian real estate development and financing company which is active in the Florida market. 

Although he enjoyed the time spent overseas, working in the international arena, Greg says, "I am happiest when home in Sarasota . My friends and my interests are here. And there isn't a better place in the world to live."

KAREN STRICKLAND, Assistant to Greg, moved to Lakewood Ranch, Florida from Upstate New York.  She studied Elementary Education at Syracuse University, obtained a Masters in Reading, and proceeded to work for over 27 years teaching.  Passionate about horses and boating, the move to Florida was a natural fit for this land and sea enthusiast.  Her zest for real estate stems from being rated a highly effective teacher, hence sparking her drive to provide clients with the utmost professional attention, communication, and dedication.  With her vast personal experiences with equestrian and coastal properties, she looks forward to navigating you through your next real estate adventure.  




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